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Even during the measures against
 Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19
 available by phone
 I am always at your service


Fascination Bionic Fiber

If it is applied selectively to areas of the body, quickly a cellular
metabolic activity with measurable muscle relaxations is
recognizable. Studies have shown a significantly improved
blood circulation, increase of immune factors, liquefying viscous mucus, ect.

It follows:
- rapid pain relief to pain-free
- optimation of the immune system
- rapid swelling
- normal circulatory flow
- scar reduction
- no or reduced addition of drugs
Next meetings:
Auf den folgenden Veranstaltungen können Sie sich auch "vor Ort" von der einzigartigen Bionenfaser überzeugen:

28.03. - 29.03.2020 Balance in Offenburg, wegen Corona-Virus verschoben
23.07. - 26.03.2020 Eurocheval in Offenburg, wegen Corona-Virus verschoben
01.08. - 02.08.2020 Windhundfestivall in Donaueschingen, wegen Corona-Virus verschoben
11.11. - 15.11.2020 German Masters in Stuttgart

SANA Bellua in Ashgabat 2017

Application areas:

- all painful diseases
- tensions
- allergies
- swelling of all kinds
- rheumatic diseases
- inflammation processes
- wound care
- acute injuries
- cut-, stab-, abrasions- and operation wounds
- muscle-, tendon-, caosule- and ligament injury
- overall health
- faster regeneration after physical exertion
- scar reduction and prevention of further injury in equine narcolepsy


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